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“The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen” was created by me, a Christian, female, African-American teenager navigating through a journey called life.

Ever since a young age, I have loved God. He has given me many gifts, and one of them is to write. In fact, aside from this blog, I am currently in the process writing a novel that I plan to publish, someday. Additionally, I post several pieces of my shorter pieces of writing on this blog.

A few of the hobbies on my long list include reading, singing, making art, having family Bible studies, and as you can probably tell, blogging. Like most teens, I love having fun, but still living life as God sees fit. I want people to see His light when they see me. And a huge part of that is spreading the Good Word.

Whether you are a fellow teenager or a tweenager, Christian or not, wanting advice on how to deal with every-day topics: Christianity, mental health, self care, living in God’s image, etc., or an adult parenting a teen who wants to see our interpretation on the world, then this is the perfect site for you!

The Creator, Princess Q’Zion

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This or That #7 – Hobby Edition

I just checked my This or That category on my blog, and it’s been almost 4 months since I added to this series…let’s change that today. For those of you who have never seen this series from my blog, I will explain all of the rules. During every This or That episode, I list a […]

I did it once…and I did it again ♡

Every Easter, Goodmommy is kind enough to get me a gift. And this year, the present in question was one unlike never before. It is obvious that Goodmommy was paying attention to the fact that I had been getting much more involved in art lately, as she decided to buy a ceramic rainbow paint kit […]

How to Grow in Your Faith | 7 Faithful Steps

Hey, y’all! How are you doing? Wonderful, I hope! In several of my past posts, I have spoken quite frequently about the subject of faith. When we have faith, we are able to have the willpower to push through all of the trials of life due to our trust in the Lord. It is God’s […]

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