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“The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen” was created by me, a Christian, female, African-American teenager navigating through a journey called life.

Ever since a young age, I have loved God. He has given me many gifts, and one of them is to write. In fact, aside from this blog, I am currently in the process writing a novel that I plan to publish, someday. Additionally, I post several pieces of my shorter pieces of writing on this blog.

A few of the hobbies on my long list include reading, singing, making art, having family Bible studies, and as you can probably tell, blogging. Like most teens, I love having fun, but still living life as God sees fit. I want people to see His light when they see me. And a huge part of that is spreading the Good Word.

Whether you are a fellow teenager or a tweenager, Christian or not, wanting advice on how to deal with every-day topics: Christianity, mental health, self care, living in God’s image, etc., or an adult parenting a teen who wants to see our interpretation on the world, then this is the perfect site for you!

The Creator, Princess Q’Zion

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The Best Ways to Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day ♡

A/N~I’ve got a small announcement to make. Today is the last day of me posting every single day on my blog–as I mentioned that I would do in my 1 year blogiversary post. From now on, I will be posting every two days, meaning I post today, skip tomorrow, post Thursday, and the cycle goes […]

I attempted to make TWO positive affirmation collage boards . . . ♡ [REPOST]

A/N~Hello, everyone! It’s Q’Zion here and welcome back to my blog. One of my favorite posts on my blog is the one where I show you all the process of how I created these two positive affirmation collage boards. Considering that a lot of students have gone back to school, or will be going soon, […]

A True Friend – Words of Wisdom #20

Proverbs 18:24 — New International Version (NIV) One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. There are many precious relationships that we develop in our lifetime. But one of the most precious of them all are our friends. Although no friendship is perfect–and […]

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