8 Tips on Positively Parenting Teenagers

Hello there, beautiful teens and parents! I hear a lot of adults say that the teenage years are some of the toughest years of parenthood. Now, me being a teenager and not a parent, I can’t relate to this as well as an adult could. I can, however, give some tips from a teenager’s point-of-view. ✨

I hope that you are really open to what I have to say. I’m sure that if you take the time to read the list of tips that I’ve provided, then it will help you to relate to your teenager.

Alright. Is everyone ready? Let’s get into it!

Tip #1: Always be willing to listen.

As a teenager, I can tell you right now that it’s important that we feel heard. If a teenager wants to share their feelings about something, whether it be some conflict between them and their parents, or how they feel about their first heartbreak, sometimes the best thing that parents can do is listen to their child (as long as they are being respectful, of course.) Listening opens the doors of healthy communication between you and your teenager, therefore making them feel safe and heard.

Tip #2: Try not to yell at your teenager(s).

I know that if your child has just done something that disappointed you, it can be kind of difficult to refrain from raising your voice, even if it’s a little bit. However, it can make a teenager feel belittled when being yelled at. Even if they have done something wrong, it can cause anxiety, low self-esteem, and more issues in your children. Therefore, if you can, it’s best just to talk in a calm, but stern voice.

Tip #3: Make eating with your child or children a priority.

Whether you are a single parent or you have a partner who helps you with your kid(s), it’s important to take the time to eat with them. Giving your child or children an opportunity to share things with you (such as how their day has been, how’s life, etc.) will help them feel more comfortable with you. Therefore, they might come to you for advice or guidance more often.

Tip #4: Give them some leeway.

Although I’m not a parent myself, I know that it’s a natural instinct for parents to be protective over their children. However, if a teenager feels like they don’t have enough freedom, then it can sometimes give them the urge to rebel, which probably won’t turn out very well for the parent or the child. So, please, cut your child at least a little bit of slack. Besides, wanting to be around their friends every once and a while (especially if they have good friends) won’t hurt them.

Tip #5: Try to remember what it was like when you were a teenager.

Everyone was a teenager once. Therefore, when you’re teenager reaches a new milestone, remember how it felt when you were a teenager. Whether it was your want to socialize or the want to be more independent, try to identify with the different ways your child is changing. Trying to understand them can really help you and them in many healthy ways.

Tip #6: Set a positive example.

One thing stays the same during a person’s childhood: they are more likely to do what their parents are doing. You must understand that doing something in front of your child is the same as saying it’s ‘OK’, even if you have told them it’s wrong. If you curse, drink, smoke, or dress inappropriate in front of your child, and they do the same thing, then it really isn’t the best thing to get upset at them. If you want you’re child to behave in a certain way, then it’s important that you model that behavior to them.

Tip #7: Create rules, but make them reasonable.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have rules and regulation for your child, teenager or not. I know that I have them, and, it’s not easy to admit, but, it’s for the better. It helps create structure in you and your child’s life. However, at the same time, there is no point in giving rules if your child cannot follow them. Structure is important, but just make sure that you don’t put more on your child than they can handle.

Tip #8: Give what you want to receive.

This tip is very similar to #6. If you want respect from your children, you also have to be willing to give them respect. Now, keep in mind that a child’s respect is different from that of a parent’s. Just by trying to listen and understand your child, you are giving them respect. You know, just like any relationship, the one between a parent and child needs mutual effort.

Alright, beautiful teens and parents! I hope you love these 8 Tips on Positively Parenting Teens.

Believe me, I know that, whether you’re a parent or a teenager, this point in life can be difficult. However, if you just use the right techniques, such as the tips listed above, then you and your parent or child can get through it together!

Have a wonderful, beautiful, and fruitful day, amazing human-beings! ✨

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