5 Fun Questions and My Answers

Hey, everyone! It’s Princess Q, here for another awesome post! I really love doing posts where I share a little more about myself, so I decided that I would switch it up a little bit today. I am going to be asking you guys 5 fun questions, to help me get to know you a little bit better.✨

And guess what? I’ll also be providing my answers to these questions!

So, are you ready for some fun questions and answers? ✨

Let’s get started!

Q1: What do you like about yourself? ✨

A: I really love that I am a representation of the Lord. I love that I am bubbly, charismatic creative, smart, talented and funny. I also really appreciate that, most of the time, I am not afraid of what others think about me. I love that I am thankful for every day of my life, and I live it to the fullest.

Q2: What do you think makes a good friend? ✨

A: In my opinion, a good friend is loyal, and always has my best interests at heart. They are not perfect, but they always want to see me grow, and live the best life that I possibly can. They don’t make me feel small, ignored, or unimportant. They make me feel special, and I am happy when I am with them.

Q3: Who or what makes you laugh? ✨

A: The one who makes me laugh the most is my Goodmommy (or my grandmother). Not only is she just a funny person in general, but we know each other better then any other person, except the Lord, of course. Therefore, she knows exactly how to make me giggle. She is my best friend.

Q4: Do you think honesty is important? ✨

A: To be honest (no pun intended), honesty is probably one of the traits that I value the most in a person. It speaks a lot about their character, as it shows me if they value me enough to tell me the truth. I am an honest person, as well, so it is equally important that those I associate with are honest, as well. It a basis to a great relationship.

Q5: What is your favorite room in your house? ✨

A: My room, of course. If you would like to know why me, and many other teenagers like our rooms, as well as some ways to decorate the room of a teenager, go and read my blog post from yesterday!

Okay everyone! I really hope you enjoyed those 5 Fun Questions and My Answers! If you would like, please comment down you answers to each question down below! Also, please go ahead and check my post from yesterday for 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Room More Stylish and Functionable!

Have a great, amazing, and fun day, everyone! ✨

2 thoughts on “5 Fun Questions and My Answers

  1. I liked number 4. I can’t imagine any kind of relationship without honesty. Its such a valuable principle. Number 1 too, you value yourself the way you are which is awesome.

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