Seasons Change

Hello again, everyone! I hope you all are doing awesome! You know, there are important events that happen during the year: seasons! And, let’s be honest, all of them are pretty great!

However, I would like to know your favorite season! During this blog post, I will be describing all for seasons where I live, what I like to do during them, and at the end, I will be sharing which is my favorite!

Also, I would really love it if you would comment down below your favorite season, and why. But, don’t worry! If you can’t choose, then you can say all of them!

So, are y’all ready to learn about some seasons?

Let’s get this seasonal party started! (And not the kind of seasonings that you put on your food, lol)

1. Winter ❄️

Where I come from, winters are mild, as it only snows about every century, but it is still cold and windy. I usually find this time of year awesome for wearing long sleeved tops and a sweater or coat, if necessary. Since I enjoy winter weather, I find it very enjoyable to watch a hockey game, go out to eat, and, of course, go Christmas shopping!

2. Spring 🌳

You know, in my opinion, spring is one of the best times of the year. I love how there are lots of new plants and trees growing, and the sun is shining bright! I love wearing mid-length or short sleeves, and pants or shorts will do. For me, spring is a great time to plant a garden, have a nice walk outside, or set up a bird feeder in the yard.

3. Summer ☀️

Next, is a hot and very bright season called summer! My summers are usually pretty hot-sometimes the temperature can get into the late 90s. During this season, I’ll usually wear short sleeves and shorts, or maybe a bathing suit, if I’m going to go swimming! Although it can be super hot, sometimes, summer is a great time of year!

4. Fall/Autumn 🍂

Last, but not least, is another wonderful season called Fall (which just happens to be my birthday season :>). I love all of the neutral colors, and, even though the leaves of plants are falling, I have to admit, this season is still very beautiful. I will usually wear long or short sleeves, and pants or shorts. Some cool activities to do during the fall include festivals and going on a relaxing hike!

Okay everyone! I really hope you enjoyed the descriptions of what I do during the four seasons! Now, are you ready to find out which one is my favorite?



…Spring! 🌺

To be honest, this might have been a little obvious because of my description lol, but I just really love all of the colors and vibrancy that comes with spring-time! It’s like a new beginning for a whole new generation of plants!

Okay, so now you know my favorite season, so I would really appreciate it if you would comment yours down below and why! Also, remember, if you love all of them just as much, then I don’t blame you!

Have a happy, vibrant, and beautiful day, amazing human-beings! ✨

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