How to be a Good (or Better) Older Sibling

Hello, fellow teens! Have you ever heard of the term “copycat”? If not, a copycat is a person that copies another person’s actions, behavior, and words. If you are a big brother or sister, you probably know that this game is never-ending when you have a younger sibling. ✨

Believe me, I know from experience that having younger siblings can be a challenge, sometimes. They come in your room, they talk to you until they drop, and they might even take your clothes. However, the only reason why they do this is because they look up to you as a person and sibling.

It is for this reason that I wanted to give you guys some tips on How to Be a Good (or Better) Older Sibling. Besides, everyone deserves a little TLC once and a while, and I do not mean from the reality show network, I mean tender love and care! ✨

So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

  1. Have patience. ✨

You know, at certain times, this tip might be a little easier said than done. It can be a little irritating if your younger brother or sister is bothering you until wits end. However, it is also good to try your best to talk in a more calm voice. Yelling not only makes you upset, but it could also encourage your younger sibling to continue their behavior. Sometimes, the best thing is to take a long, deep breath!

2. When you need some alone-time, don’t be afraid to get it. ✨

Let’s be real, privacy is one of the main priorities of most teenagers. If your younger sibling seems to be a little more talkative then usual, then it’s okay to ask them to go into their room, your parent(s) or guardian(s) room, etc. Besides, if they don’t listen, you can always tell your guardian.

3. Spend time with them. ✨

Usually, even if they annoy you to your last nerve, it is extremely common for younger sisters and brothers to admire their older siblings. It’s very important to take some time everyday, and spend at least a little time that involves just you and your younger sibling. It not only will make them feel appreciated, but it also creates a stronger bond and might get you a few minutes of peace.

4. Be a good role model.

Whether you believe it or not, your younger sibling learns by watching your example. Never forget, that what you do is your way of teaching them what is right or wrong, even if you don’t say it to them. It’s kind of like how we view our parents. So please, be mindful of what you do, as your younger sibling(s) is watching!

5. Remember, you can and will make mistakes. ✨

We are all humans, not robots. Believe me, there will be times where you mess up and possibly say something that you shouldn’t say. And that’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, now and then. If you ever do make a mistake, then just apologize to your sibling and do better in the future. Mistakes are just learning experiences or lessons.

Okay everyone! I really hope that you enjoyed those 5 Tips on How to be a Good (or Better) Older Sibling. Remember, our younger siblings might be on our backs, all of the time, but it is only because they love and look up to us! Never take that for granted!

Have a loving, wonderful, and kind day, beautiful people! ✨

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