3 Mediums (or Materials) that I Use for Creating Art

Disclaimer: The art above does not belong to me! :>

What’s up, everyone? Today, I got to learn some great new art techniques in my Visual Art class! I even got to use a medium (or drawing material) for the very first time, which, I have to admit, was very fun!

It was my experience in Art class that inspired me to share with you guys 3 Mediums (or Materials) That I Use to Make Art. If art really isn’t your thing, then I still encourage you to give it a try! Mistakes are the key to a great piece of art! ✨

Let’s get the art party started!

1. Markers

Ever since, preschool, I have always loved using markers! Not only are they super fun to use, but they are also perfect if you want to make your creations pop. Markers have this highlighted or neon touch to them that I really love! But of course, now I stay inside of the lines, lol.

2. Colored pencils

Another medium that I really enjoy using, especially to color my sketches, is colored pencils. I love how light they are on the paper. These provide a more smooth surface than crayons. It even has a cleaner product, which is great if you want your creations to look more professional.

3. Oil pastels

You may not have heard of this medium before, but I believe that oil pastels can truly enhance your creations!

I actually used oil pastels for the first time today! It gave my art a new twist with texture, color, and plenty of techniques. The oil pastels are a lot like crayons or chalk, but they are better if you want to use different techniques like blending or shading. I definitely recommend that you try them out!

Okay, everyone! I really hope that you enjoyed these 3 Mediums (or Materials) that I Use to Make Art! I definitely recommend that you try using these yourself!

Comment down below what type of posts you’d like to see in the future! ✨

Also, don’t forget, that art is not about being perfect! Some of the best works of art can center around your mistakes!

Have an artistic, creative, and lovely day, beautiful people! ✨

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