3 Benefits of Learning How to Code

What’s up, my peeps? Today, I wanted to talk about something new! Now, I’ve already told you guys about my Visual Art class that I’m taking, this year. However, I never told you about my second elective: coding! ✨

Also, just in case you don’t know what coding is, it is basically a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. Coding is used to make a lot of games and websites. They are also used in a lot of companies. Just a few include NASA, Facebook, and Netflix! And, believe it or not, learning how to code can actually give you many great opportunities for the future! Besides, we practically live in a world where most things are centered around technology.

Let’s get started with the benefits of coding!

#1. It can get you a great job, whether it involves coding or not.

Coding can actually be a great skill to have under your belt, especially because it can help you get a great job, even if it doesn’t involve coding. Many celebrities, such as comedian Jimmy Fallon, NBA star Chris Boss, and actress Angela Basset all know how to code. You may not be aware, but, as well, a majority of companies are in need of coders. By learning how to use different coding languages (such as HTML and Python), you can get a great and well-paying job, even at a young age!

2. It can improve your math or algebra skills.

The steps that are required in coding can include using logic, and breaking down the code, or directions, into small steps to type the code correctly. This not only allows you to practice your critical thinking skills, but it can also help improve your sense of logic or analyzing problems, therefore helping you get a better grade on your algebra test!

3. It be a fun hobby.

If you are a teenager, like myself, you might not be too worried about getting a job, yet. Which, is understandable. I mean, that’s years from now. Even if you aren’t concerned about that type of stuff, coding can still be a fun activity to do. From personal experience, I can confirm that it can actually be quite enjoyable. It could even help your social life, especially if you join a coding club. Also, it makes you feel super smart when you’ve just succeeded to do a new code for the first time, lol.

Okie dokie, everyone! I really hope that you enjoyed those 3 Benefits of Learning How to Code. It can be a hobby, a job opportunity, or even a way to help you improve in algebra class. I mean, that all sounds pretty good to me! ✨

If there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to provide tips or other information about (of course, no inappropriate requests, please), then please comment them down below! You never know, I just might write a blog about your prompts, in the future!

Have a fun, happy, and beautiful day, everyone!

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