5 Positive Effects of Playing Video Games

How is everyone doing today? Good, I hope. So, it is a pretty well known fact that most teenagers, including myself, enjoy playing video games. Some adults even enjoy playing them, as well. They’re fun, entertaining, and, you might not be aware, but video games can be more then just fun and games. This is exactly why I wanted to share with you all 5 Positive Effects of Playing Video Games.

Reminder: Although video games can be very beneficial, like any activity, they should be used in moderation. Many people, including teenagers and adults, become addicted to video games as a result of playing them too much. There’s nothing wrong with playing video games. Just remember to always make time for family/friends, school/work and rest.

So, let’s get into it!

  1. They can inspire creativity and imagination.

With each new video game that you play, you are transported into a world with many fun events, characters, and cool places. By being in this environment, people can be inspired to be creative and use creative thinking in their every day lives. You never know, playing video games might even inspire a person to make their own game, one day.

2. It can help improve your vision.

I’m sure that most teenagers can remember at least one time in their lives that their parents have told them “Don’t stand to close to the TV.” But, it is actually scientifically proven that video games, when played moderately, can help your vision. During a scientific test, people were asked to play video games with their best eye obscured. These same people were able to detect even the smallest changes in the color gray. Therefore, playing the video games were actually proven to strengthen their weakest eye.

3. They can help you excersise.

I wouldn’t be a surprised if I found out that most people believe that video games prevent a lot of people from being physically active. Although this opinion is probably pretty common, it is not true, in all cases. Personally, I play a game with my Oculus Quest 2 called Beat Saber. Beat Saber and many other games using virtual reality can actually help improve your physical activity and stamina.

P.S. you can check out the purple link above to check it out! You will need to purchase an Oculus Quest 1 or 2, as well as the game, in order to be able to play.

Okay….Beat Saber can get a little more intense than this, lol.

4. Video games can improve your social life.

I think that a decrease in social activity is another stereotype towards people that love video games. However, like the last one, this opinion can be false, in some circumstances. Lots of games allow you to communicate with gamers around the world, who you can game with. You could also join a Gaming Club or Pop Culture Club where you could share your love of gaming with others!

(Just remember to never give personal information away to strangers.)

5. It can help you increase your reading level.

You know how some parents say “Put that video game down and read a book.” Well, while reading a book is always a great idea (see why by hitting this link), a lot of video games do include some type of reading, whether it is the directions on how to complete a task, or the dialogue of different characters.

Okay, everyone, I really hope that you learned something from these 5 Positive Effects of Playing Video Games! Remember that playing video games can be a great thing. However, video games should be a hobby, job, or skill, and not your life. There are many other aspects of your life that also deserve your love!

Have a healthy, fun, and imaginative day, everyone! See you next time! ✨

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