Do You Like My Braids? #NaturalHair #BlackIsBeautiful

Hello, everyone! How has your day been? Today, I went to the hair salon and got a hairstyle that I really love! Read further to find out where the inspiration for my style came from! ✨

So let’s get started!

About 1-3 weeks ago, My Goodmommy redid her hair in braids that went to the side. Of course, I absolutely loved this hairdo, and wanted it for myself, as well. Of course, I had just gotten my hair done at that point, so I had to wait for three weeks to get my hair redid. Omg 😩

A day or two before my next hair appointment, my Goodmommy asked me what style I wanted. I was glad that she thought of asking me this, because I hadn’t figure that out yet. However, when I thought about it, which style do you think I picked?

Yep. The braids in a bun! ✨

This is how my hair looks after the stylist blow-dried and combed my hair. Yep, I have a lot of it, lol.

Overall, the experience was really enjoyable, especially since it was my first time getting a completely braided style at a salon. What I really love about braids, especially on natural hair, is they can last for up to 3 weeks, especially if you sit under the dryer for about 15 minutes!

This was especially convenient, considering that my birthday is coming up super soon! And, who doesn’t what their hair to be fashionably fashionable on their birthday, am I right?

I am absolutely in love with my natural hair! 💕

Okay, everyone, I really hope you enjoyed this blog post about my natural hair! ✨

Also, comment down below if you prefer me to post things like this, where I give you a glimpse of my real life, or when I provide tips and advice to you guys about different things. Maybe you like it when I do both! Whatever you prefer, please comment your opinion down below! If you like both, please let me know which one you want me to do more, and I’ll try my best to satisfy the requests!

Have a happy, healthy, and joyful day, everyone! ✨

4 thoughts on “Do You Like My Braids? #NaturalHair #BlackIsBeautiful

  1. I love your braids. You are so beautiful, and yes natural hair is super great!!!
    I love when you write about yourself and when you right about different topics.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.✌❤💜


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