Who Loves Pizza??? πŸ•


When most Americans think of holidays, we probably think of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc. However, most days of the year actually represent a holiday(s). Some may be weird, funny, exciting, and maybe even shocking. An example of a holiday is tomorrow…National Peperoni Pizza Day!!!πŸ•

To be honest, I’ve always loved my pizza with cheese and peperoni and it’s definitely one of my absolute favorite foods.

If you enjoy pizza, as well, then here are links to sites that share some places with sweet deals on peperoni pizza tomorrow! So, whether you like pizza from Dominoes, 7-Eleven, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesars, then make sure to stop by tomorrow!

The lists of deals can be found from the websites below:

Thrillist.com – Everywhere You Can Get Cheap Pizza for National Peperoni Pizza Day

Brandeating.com – National Peperoni Pizza Day Deals and Specials for September 20, 2021

NBC25News.com – Deals announced for National Pepperoni Pizza Day

I hope this article will help you all to celebrate National Peperoni Pizza Day! If you eat pizza, remember that, like any other junk food, it is important to eat it in moderation. Try to not only watch out for how often you eat something, but how much of it you eat, each time. Nothing’s wrong with having a treat, such as pizza, but like most aspects in our lives, our diet needs some variety.

Have a wonderful day everyone! ✨

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