4 Smart Ways to Balance School and Your Social Life

Let’s face it…school can be pretty time consuming. It’s pretty common for teenagers to have mounds of homework that can take hours to finish. However, while school is important, we also want to have some time to spend with our friends. ✨

Are you wondering how you can succeed in school, and yet, still have a productive social life? Well, if you‘re curious, let’s get started!

1. Create a schedule for your schoolwork and/or homework.

If one day, you start your homework at 5:00 p.m., but the next day, you don’t start until 7:00p.m., then this is an example of inconsistency. Creating a specific schedule that states the time or times that you do your homework can really help you stay social. How? Well, when your friends ask you “When are you free?” you can easily respond due to the information on your schedule!

Yep. I know it’s clever, lol.

2. Have realistic expectations of yourself and others.

As I stated earlier, school can be a lot of work. Therefore, it is likely that it will take up a good amount of your time. What I’m implying is, you might not be able to go out with your friends every day. Remember that you need to give yourself, and others, a break sometimes. So, if you are tired, don’t be afraid to explain that to your friends, and just chill at home, instead! And, if they ever say the same to you, give them the same respect, as well!

3. Join a couple clubs.

From personal experience, I can tell you that clubs are a great way to socialize and learn at the same time. Try joining a club that interest you or peeks your curiosity. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how much knowledge you can learn and consume.

Just remember to try to pick clubs that fit into your schedules! Also, don’t sign up for a club if it negatively interferes with your schoolwork/homework schedule! Remember, consistency!

4. Ask for help from your guardian(s) or guidance counselor, if you need it. ✨

If you are a little intimidated or confused by all of this scheduling, then try talking to your parents/parent figure(s), or guidance counselor about the overall construction of the schedule and your studying tactics. It never hurts to ask someone you trust, especially if you are struggling, about a particular topic that you need help with!

So, those are 4 Smart Ways to Balance School and Your Social Life! I hope that you all enjoyed them! If you have any comments or ideas about this topic, please comment down below! Don’t forget, in all of the aspects of our lives, balance is required!

Have a happy, healthy, and joyful day, everyone! ✨

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