3 Random Acts of Kindness

When was the last time that someone has been kind to you? Kindness is an action that can really make a person’s day. Being kind is a way that you can spread love to people in ways that may be really small. However, no matter what the act of kindness is, it can still make a big difference!

Today, it was put on my heart to share 3 Random Ways that you can Spread Kindness! Remember that a little act of kindness and compassion can make both the person who you were kind to, and yourself, feel special and appreciated.

  1. Give someone a compliment.

I believe that most people have been in public, and thought to themselves, “I love her hair.” or “His outfit is totally amazing!” If you are ever thinking about something that you like about a person, feel free to say it to them. Giving someone a kind compliment can really make them feel good about themselves!

2. Plant a tree or a garden.

Planting a tree or a garden in your backyard (with permission, of course), can be both a kind activity for the Earth, and a fun activity for you and your family! As well, trees can last for generations, and be cherished by your children and grandchildren, in the future. If you are ever bored, and don’t know how to spend your time, try gardening and see how you like it!

3. Write a thank you letter to someone in your life.

Whether it is your guardian(s), your teacher, your sibling, or anyone else that you appreciate, write them a handwritten thank you note to tell them how much they truly mean to you. I’m sure that they will be very happy to get your letter!

I hope that you all enjoyed these different techniques describing how you can show a little kindness to both your loved ones, and even strangers! Remember that a tiny act of kindness can improve someone else’s day, as well as your own!

Have an amazing day, y’all! ✨

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