This or That! #1🥳

What’s up y’all?!? Today, I decided that I’m going to do something different: play a game! And it’s called This or That! So, basically, what this means is I will list two options (for example, pink or white.) These options could be colors, food items, clothing styles, or whatever you can think of! ✨

Anyway, I’m going to have to choose which is my favorite! And, here’s the best part: you can play with me! Feel free to comment your answers down below!

So, let’s get started!

1. Pizza 🍕 or Burger 🍔?

Oof. This is tough. I’d say pizza though, since I feel like it’s something that I have only on certain occasions (every now and then), while I have burgers in my refrigerator, lol.

2. Leggings or Jeans? 👖

Well, this all depends on the time. However, I’ll say jeans because, even though traditionally, they aren’t as comfortable as leggings, I like to buy jeans with soft fabric. I also find them more fashionable. However, I think leggings are better if I’m looking for the maximum comfort.

3. Dog 🐶 or Sloth 🦥?

I know that this question may seem a little weird, but let me explain. When I was little, I always wanted a dog. But, they require you to go outside several times a day, etc. So, then we (me and my Goodmommy/grandmother) came upon the possibility of having a sloth…and now I’m obsessed! I really want one! So, yeah, I’d pick a sloth.

4. Pink 💕or Purple 💜?

I used to love pink when I was about 4-11. And, don’t get me wrong, I still do. I’m just not in love with it now to the point where I want everything in my room to be pink. So, I’d pick purple, even though pink is just as amazing.

5. Crayons 🖍 or Colored Pencils ✏️?

I’m sure that we all used crayons when we were little. However, I personally prefer colored pencils now. They allow you to have much more control and detail, which I pay much more attention to now then I did when I was in Pre-K, lol.

Hopefully, you all learned some more about me with the help of the This or That game! Please comment down below your answer to each question, and like this post if you want me to make a post of this game again! ✨

Have an amazing day, everyone!

3 thoughts on “This or That! #1🥳

  1. 1. Pizza
    2. Is a hard one, but I will say during this pandemic, leggings
    3. Sloth
    4. Is hard… This and that, I love them both. Lol.
    5. Colored Pencils

    Liked by 1 person

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