What is Self Care?

Chances are, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve heard me write several posts about self-care. But how exactly should we define self care? What is it, and how do we use it in our everyday life in a way that is healthy?

I’m gong to answer all of these questions today! So, let’s get started! ✨

  1. What exactly is self-care?

Technically, the dictionary definition is as follows;

While this definition is accurate, self-care is much deeper than this.

2. Why is self care important?

You might have heard someone say that self-care is essential, in the past. However, why is it so crucial?

Self-care is us taking care of ourselves, and not only for our health and well-being, but so that we can do our best in school and with our family and friends.

When we take some time to care for ourselves, we give our bodies and our minds the attention that they need to perform with the best of their ability. Therefore, we can live up to all of our responsibilities and duties with our best effort possible.

3. Is self-care selfish?

The short and sweet answer to this question is no. Many people, especially females, believe that they cannot take care of themselves because they have to put others first.

While taking care of those you love is important, you cannot do so with the best of your ability if you don’t take care of yourself.

I hope this answered all of the questions that you might have about self care! If you want to read any of my other blog posts where I discussed this topic, the links are down below.

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You may also see other post by looking at the tab “Self-Care” at the top of my website! ☝️

Don’t forget to comment down below some ways that you take care of yourself. As well, please comment #selfcare if you agree that self care is important.

Have an amazing day, everyone! And don’t forget to show yourself some love! ✨

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