Pizza and Cupcakes – A Sweet and Savory Story

Here’s probably one of few things that almost all people have gone through: bullying. Since I’m homeschooled, I don’t experience much, if any, bullying now, but I was in in-person schooling until 3rd grade, and, of course, I dealt with some bullies.

Today, I’m going to tell you all a story about how me, and my Goodmommy (a.k.a. grandmother) dealt with a bully without any direct confrontation. And this story has a sweet and savory twist to it!

So, are you ready? Let’s get started!

This event in particular took place in about 2nd grade. I had always been a good student (I got As and Bs), and I was well-known for getting “🌟 Star Student 🌟” in my class almost every year. Overall, I believe that I was very similar to how I am now, just younger and less confident.

There was this girl that always liked to mess with me…let’s call her Riri. So, Riri was pretty much your typical bully. She didn’t include me in her “friend” group, she called me names like “fat”, etc. Of course, I wasn’t nearly as confident in myself then as I am now. Not only that, but words can hurt, if you let them.

Keep in mind that there was an option that students had during lunch, where our parents came with food, and we could choose 2 of our classmates to go out to lunch with us. The funny thing was, I chose Riri and one of her “followers” every time. Yep. Every. Single. Time. …🤦🏾‍♀️

I know right.

My grandmother had talked with Riri several times to try and keep the peace between us, and even though she would be nice in front of her, the bullying didn’t stop. Of course, me and my Goodmommy tell each other everything (since we live together and we’re very close), so I told her all about the situation. Eventually, she had an idea.

Not very long after, she came to lunch, again, and she brought a Dominos peperoni pizza and some cupcakes. This was by far the best meal that she had ever brought to my school. Of course, the whole class raised their hand, hoping to be one of the two people that I chose. I mean, what second grader wouldn’t want some yummy yummy pizza and yummy yummy cupcakes? Riri had the hugest smile on her face. She literally knew that I was about to pick her.

The thing was, Goodmommy told me not to, and I didn’t. I also didn’t pick any of her “followers.” Instead, I picked two girls who were always kind. People who never called me any names, and I enjoyed being around.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on Riri’s face when she asked why I didn’t choose her. I sincerely replied, “Sorry,” and went outside to lunch. I truly didn’t have any bad wishes on her or anything. I knew that she had to be acting that way for a reason. However, I knew that if I had just stayed silent, the behavior would have went on, and maybe even gotten worse.

I still haven’t forgotten about this event, even after all of these years.

This wasn’t an attempt of revenge or a way to get back at Riri, but more of a lesson that we both learned that day. I don’t know if she ever bullied anyone else after me, but if she did, I know that she’ll always think about what happened. It was also a learning experience for me, and something that I’ll always remember, as well.

So please, be kind, and if you are being bullied, remember that you do not have to take any of that. Just remember to talk to those who you trust about the issue, and take care of the matter in a way that will be peaceful and beneficial.

If you want me to post more stories about my life experiences, please make sure to like this post and comment down below #stopbullying and #bekind.

Have an amazing day, everyone! ✨

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