OMG! We Reached 500 Views! 🥳

Hey y’all! Guess what? About two days ago, we reach a total of 500 views on the Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen! Inside, I’m doing a happy dance lol.

I want to thank my followers and all of those who have been viewing and supporting my blog! So far, I have had so much fun creating out-of-this-world good content for you all! I also want to give a big “THANK YOU!” to those who have commented on my blog posts, including my Goodmommy! ❤️

Please comment down below #500views with the “🥳”emoji if you’d like to show some extra support! It would also be appreciated if you would write a comment stating what you want me to post about in the future (just make the requests family-friendly please! :))

Here are 5 links to some of my personal favorite blog posts. Hopefully, they let you all learn a little bit more about me!

4 Ways to Spread the Love of God

Pizza and Cupcakes – A Sweet and Savory Story

4 Inspirational Quotes and Bible Verses

5 of My Hidden Talents and Hobbies

7 Tips on Getting Better Grades in School

As well, I provided a search bar that you can use to find any of the posts on my blog. Just type in the keywords that you’d like and press the “SEARCH” button!

And that’s all for today! Again, thank you all so much for the 500 views and all of the amazing support! I appreciate you for following along on this fantastic journey: my life!

Have an awesome day! ✨

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