Writing Prompt #2 – Two-Sentence Stories

Hey y’all! Today, I had another Creative Writing Club meeting, and it was so much fun! Today, we talked about how we can build suspense in our writing, as well as how to include suspense in two-sentence stories. ✨

I know. You’re probably thinking “How can you write a story with only two sentences?” I thought the same thing at first, too. When we usually think of a story, it’s composed of many different sentences that help move the plot forward. But how can two-sentences really portray a story, let alone suspense?

We did a 15 minute exercise where we were able to practice writing some two-sentence stories. I wrote 7 total, but today, I’m going to share 4 with you all. ✨

Since this is my personal writing that I posted on my personal blog, it is considered my property. Therefore, please don’t claim it as your own or use my writing. This is just me sharing my writing experience with you, for reading purposes only. Thank you! 😀

Spin – I spin in my chair, going round and round. When I stop, the whole world is still spinning.

Paint Spill – I spilt a huge can of paint all over the shaggy carpet in my room. I heard my mother as she trudged upstairs.

The Gift of the Birds – A man spoke to his wife. A bird above his head was prepared to give him something very special.

Note: I wouldn’t want to be that man, lol.

Welcome Home – A little girl has felt sad ever since her dog ran away from home a week ago. Her dad and the small chihuahua were on their way back home.

Technically, this writing prompt wasn’t about accuracy. Rather, it was to help us practice writing, something in which we were limited to, as far as how much we could write (2 sentences.) We used these sentences in order to create suspense either for us or the characters.

I hope you all enjoyed reading some of the short stories that I wrote today. Please comment down below if you’ve even heard of two-sentence stories before now. Also, please comment which one you liked best.

Have an amazing day, y’all! ✨

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #2 – Two-Sentence Stories

  1. I have never heard of the two sentence stories before now, but I love your creations. My favorite is, The Gift of the Birds. Keep Blogging Princess Q’Zion.💖

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