A Teenager’s Ultimate Guide to Fashion

If you are a fellow teenager, then you know what it feels like to want to be stylish. At this important stage of our lives, we are trying to figure out our identity, and, believe it or not, a big part of that is what we wear. ✨

So, how can we make sure that we dress fashionably in a way that is stylish, trendy, not too childish or mature, and showcases our personalities?

This is an Ultimate Guide to Teenage Fashion, from one teenager to another, that will explain exactly that. So, let’s get the fashionista party started!

Wear outfits that make you feel confident.

A part of the reason why we don’t feel confident in public is because we are wearing outfits that present parts of our bodies that we don’t mean to portray. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. When you know who you are, that self-confidence will be reflected from the inside out.

Show skin in moderation.

Sometimes, we might want to show a little bit of skin. Maybe the weather is getting warmer, or we want our clothes to fit our body types. Showing skin is not a bad thing, however, it should be done in moderation. For example, instead of wearing short-shorts and a crop top, choose one small area that you want to show off.

Options like an off the shoulder summer dress or some above the knee jean shorts with a T-shirt are amazing options if you want to show some skin without going overboard.

Match your mask.

Although some people have stopped wearing masks to protect themselves, if you still are, you should know that masks can be great accessories when it comes to style. Wear an outfit that either compliments or matches your mask. Not only will this accentuate your already amazing outfit, but it will also prevent your outfit from looking mismatched…unless that’s what you like, lol.

Make sure that you have a hairstyle that says “This is Me!”

The way we wear our hair is just as important as how we wear our, well…clothes. When a person looks at your hairstyle, it can help them figure out something about your personality.

Maybe straight hair will tell them that you are intelligent, while a curly style displays your energetic nature. A messy bun might imply that you are slightly disorganized, but fun to be around.

Try to wear a hairstyle(s) that matches your style in fashion, as well as who you are as a person.

Focus less on trends and more on your own identity.

Okay, okay. I know, part of being a teenager is wanting to fit in, and that goes hand in hand with following trends. Despite this truth, I think it is important to focus on trends a lot less. More so, we should work on defining who we are, and this means developing our own identity or style.

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Creativity is one of the important skills to use when dressing up. Put your creative quirks into your outfits so that you can show who you are! Your unique style is part of what make you yourself!

I hope that this Ultimate Fashion Guide for Teenagers helped you when it comes to fashion sense. Remember, confidence and creativity are crucial in the fashion world. There is only one you, and nobody else has your own, unique style. Embrace that!

Have a fabulous day, y’all! ✨

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