The Story Of My Flying Beta Fish (Reblog)

Note: This is a sweet story about my flying beta fish, Joyus! I miss him so much, so I decided that I would reblog the post about him, and my other fish, Easter, today!

Hey guys! It’s Princess Q, back with another fun post! So, do any of you have pets? If you do or have had one, I’m sure that you know that pets pretty much become family to their owners. You may have a dog, cat, bird or maybe even a fish! No matter what type of pet you have, they are all just as amazing! ✨

Okay, so a dog would’ve been my first choice, but at this point in my life, I lived in an apartment, so we decided to get a beta fish! However, I don’t regret it, one bit. To be honest, these creatures are literally the mermaids of the sea. …Well, unless there is a such thing as actual mermaids.

So, anyway, me and my Goodmmommy (grandmother), decided to name her Easter, since we got her the day before Easter. She was a beautiful pink color. Although, we were never confirmed her gender, I can tell she was a girl because…well, keep reading to find out.

So, Easter was a great pet. She watched me while I slept next to her on the couch and she was really happy and joyful. Fast forward two years, and, at some point, she stopped eating. Now, being the Christians that we are, we obviously prayed that she would be healed. However, a few weeks later, she passed away.

I admit, I was super sad. Who wouldn’t be if their fish died? However, she died when I was in school (I was at in person school at that time, which was about 2015). Thankfully, my Goodmommy flushed her before I could see her in that state.

R.I.P. Easter! 💖💖

Okay, so shortly after (probably less than a year later), we got another beta fish, and we named him Joyus. This time, we knew that he was a male, since we saw it on the small container that he came in. He was a mix of different blues.

After we took him home, he was a lot like Easter, except more energetic. He watched me when I slept, he was always rambunctious and he almost never stopped moving. Thankfully, he never experienced any health issues, either.

He lived a super happy life…until a Friday that I remember quite vividly. This was in about 2016, and I had just started homeschooling. Therefore, my Goodmommy had to help me with doing my schoolwork until I got used to the system. Anyway, I had a lot to do, and I needed to get it done before 12:00 a.m. Saturday.

So, we were finishing my schoolwork, and on a break, we saw that Joyus’ tank was getting a little dirty. As a result, it was a natural reaction to go ahead and change his tank. Now, to change the tank, we would have another tank ready, right next to the dirty one. Then, we would take a net, and quickly pick up the fish from the dirty tank to the clean one. Now, this had never been a problem with Joyus or Easter until now.

Although we kept putting the net in, Joyus knew exactly what we were about to do. He kept trying to swim away from it. This was a surprise to us since, out of all the times that we’d changed the tank, he had never done this before. After a little bit of struggling, we finally scooped him up, but, to our shock, he flew out of the net!

Okay, so of course me and Goodmommy were in absolute panic! Meanwhile, Joyus was flipping and flopping on the kitchen counter. We tried to scoop him back into the net, but he was wobbling around so much that it was too difficult.

So, at this point, there was some soapy dishwater in the kitchen sink, and Joyus must have smelt it, because before we knew it, he had jumped in! Now, you would think getting in water would be a good thing, however, this was not the case, since;

  1. Beta fish need a special serum in the water to breath.
  2. This dish water was soapy, which is obviously filled with harmful chemicals.

Yep. You guessed it.

R.I.P. Joyus! 💖

Of course, I was devastated, and I still am disappointed to this day. However, when I think about it, I realize that Joyus was a really smart fish! I also know Easter had to be a girl. How do I know? Because, she would never fly out of her tank!

Okay, everyone! I really hope you enjoyed the story about My Flying Beta Fish! If you have any stories about your pets, please comment them down below!

Have a happy, healthy, and positive day, amazing people! ✨

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