5 Random Questions – Fun Q&A

I really enjoy posts in which I get to answer questions that help you all get to know me. Sitting down and taking the time to think about things that we usually overlook can be super fun! ✨

So, today, I’ll be answering 5 Random Questions!

Where is your ultimate dream vacation? 🏝

I would really love to go somewhere like Africa or India. France or Hawaii would be really cool, as well. I really love to learn about different cultures, trying different foods, etc. Therefore, I feel like no matter where I go on vacation, even if it isn’t too far away, I’ll enjoy it!

How do you judge a person? ⚖️

I believe that it’s better not to judge people based on how they look. I prefer to judge people based on their personality, their values, and how they treat others. I can also recognize that people make mistakes, but they don’t always define who someone is as a person.

If you could choose only one major social issue to end, what would it be? 🌍

For me, this question is pretty difficult. There are so many issues in the word that I feel need to be addressed immediately. My top 3 would probably be sexism, bullying, and racism. However, I’m gonna have to go with racism and stereotypes. The truth is racism is everywhere among people of all ethnicities. I would love to change the stereotypes that most, if not all people have about each other. I think it would make the world a lot more peaceful.

What’s a talent that you have that tends to surprise people? 💯

I would say my whistling. My Goodmommy has said herself that I am the best whistler that she has ever met. I think the reason why people are so surprised is because a majority of people who like to whistle are males, most commonly adults. Therefore, the fact that I am a girl and a teenager is probably what catches people off guard, the most.

What’s the smartest thing you’ve seen an animal do? 🐟

I would say when my pet fish, Joyus, jumped out of the net and right into some soapy sink water. It was as if he could smell it. Before this event, I had never seen a fish do that before. It is a cool but slightly sad story.

I hope you all enjoyed these 5 Random Questions! If you don’t mind, I have a request for you! Please comment down below some questions for me! I would love to get some information on what you all what to know about me and what type of post you like the most. Just please make sure that the questions aren’t asking for any personal information. Thanks! 😀

Have an amazing day everyone! ✨

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