The Broad Difference Between Confidence and Cockiness – A Deep Dive Into Reality

It’s a really good thing to love and appreciate ourselves. Self confidence is crucial in order for us to live our best life possible! The question is, how do we know when this confidence goes too far? 💜

Let’s dive into the reality of the difference between confidence and cockiness!

What is confidence?

First of all, let’s take a look at the dictionary meaning of the word “confident!”

To elaborate on this, confidence is basically when you know who you are. You might be wondering exactly what this means. I am basically saying that confidence is when you love yourself, and this love remains, regardless of the opinions of others.

In other words, confidence is appreciating yourself for who you are as a person, both inside and out!

What is cockiness?

Again, here is the dictionary definition of cockiness:

The world “overconfident” is a perfect synonym for cockiness. When a person is cocky, it means that they are confident to the point to where they think that they are superior, or better, than everyone else.

Being cocky is a negative thing, because it takes confidence to an extreme where a person can loose their sense of kindness, humanity, and humbleness.

How can we be confident, but not cocky?

Here are the golden words: awareness and humbleness. If we are aware of the words we say, the things we do, and the choices that we make, we can help boost our images, not only to others, but, most importantly, to ourselves.

Remember the people who have made positive contributions in your life, and don’t take those people for granted.

Kind and Humble Challenges:

Think about all of the people that helped you become who you are today, even if they are not with us, anymore. Write a letter to them, thanking them for their contributions to you.

Sometimes, we can be too “prideful” to ask for help. However, it’s important that we practice asking for assistance when we need it. Show willingness to learn and thank those who do or have helped you.

If we make a mistake, then we need to apologize for it. Still, remember that is normal to make mistakes. The truth is, the only way that we can keep ourselves humble is by recognizing our faults.

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I hope you all enjoyed this post about Confidence vs. Cockiness.

Remember, it’s possible to be both confident and humble. It is important that we love ourselves and know who we are. However, we should never take it to the point where we put ourselves on a pedestal because we are “better” than others.

Besides the Lord, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay! Just be sure to love yourself, in spite of.

Have a great day, everyone! 💜

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