My Favorite Emojis and How I Use Them

My Favorite Emojis and How I Use Them

-ajoyfulchristianteen ✨

Let’s be real here. There aren’t a lot of teenagers, or people with phones for that matter, who don’t use emojis. Their fun, cute, and a quirky way to express your emotions, with or without words. Emojis are definitely a huge part of texting and technology!

So, I’m going to share My Favorite Emojis and How I Use Them!

1. Sparkles

As most of you all have probably noticed, I used the Sparkles emoji almost all of the time. I think I just really love the color scheme, and it matches my personality super well. I will use the Sparkles emoji on my blog posts, as well as in every day conversations with my friends. It’s kind of like my signature emoji.

2. Folded Hands 🙏🏾

As a Christian, the Folded Hands emoji is another one of my go-tos. I love using it when I’m talking about God, or prayer. I might even use it to say “Thank you!” I honestly think that this emoji is underrated. It’ll probably be one of my favorites for a long time.

3. Smiling Face with Hearts 🥰

Even though most people will probably use this with their partner, I just use it with close family members, such as my Goodmommy. It’s really just a short and sweet way to say “I love you,” you know?

4. Party Popper 🎉

The Party Popper emoji is one that I use for celebration. Maybe for someone’s birthday or another special holiday. I really love how decadent and vibrant the color scheme is. Whatever the occasion, it’s a great emoji to use to create a fun atmosphere.

5. Sparkling Heart 💖

To be honest, just about every emoji with sparkles is one of my favorites, lol. The sparkling heart is just really helpful when I’m trying to show support to someone, or show them some love. We all need it.

I hope you all enjoyed learning which emojis I love the most and how I like to use them.

What are your favorite emojis? Comment them down below!

Have an amazing day everyone! ✨

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