5 Reasons Why We (Teenagers) Need Responsibilities

5 Reasons Why We (Teenagers) Need Responsibilities

-thejoyfulchristianteen ✨

As a teenager, it can be easy to wonder why we suddenly have all these responsibilities. I mean, as a child, they were minimal, but the moment we turn 13, it’s like an extra bucket of chores are poured on us. But why do we need responsibilities now? We aren’t adults yet!

Today, I’m going to be discussing 5 Reasons Why We (Teenagers) Need Responsibilities. ✨

1. Responsibilities help prepare us for adulthood.

Sure, we aren’t adults quite yet. But adulthood is not too far away. Therefore, it’s important that we learn how to do things on our own now, so we won’t be like a fishes out of water when we are living in our own homes. Imagine if we were living on our own and we didn’t know how to do simple things like do the laundry or wake up to get to college/work on time.

2. Responsibilities teach us how to be responsible.

If we had nothing that we are supposed to do, no duties, no responsibilities, then we would most likely lack accountability altogether. When we have responsibilities, we are training ourselves to get our work done in a efficient way and amount of time. In other words, it is a way to develop our character and work ethic.

3. Responsibilities allow us to contribute to our homes and communities.

Although we might not always feel like doing chores, doing responsible things like recycling and the laundry for your parents are benefitting your family and your community. Most people take delight in having a nice home and community. Since we live in and are benefitting from our environments, the least we can do is help maintain them.

4. Responsibilities increase our self esteem.

Believe it or not, having our own responsibilities is a confidence booster. Why, you ask? Because they give us an opportunity to do things on our own. And when we do these things successfully, it makes us feel capable, as we are showing ourselves that we can do things without as much needed assistance from others.

5. Responsibilities give us self control and logical thinking.

Responsibilities come in many shapes and forms. Your parents might trust you with the responsibility of going to the local park with your friends. Some duties give us a choice on what is logical, and responsible, to do in these situations. This choice comes into play with logical thinking, and the ability to have self control when it comes to our actions and words.

I hope that these reasons explaining the purpose of responsibility have given you a different perspective, as well as something to think about. Of course, responsibilities can be a challenge, sometimes. But what’s life without challenges?

Have an amazing day, everyone! ✨

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