Fun and Classic Board Games to Play with Your Family this Thanksgiving

Fun and Classic Board Games to Play with Your Family this Thanksgiving

-ajoyfulchristianteen 🍁

During the wonderful celebrations at the end of the year, there are so many ways that we can be merry and bright with our families. Personally, I love eating yummy food, like Turkey, or watching a movie to get the festivities going. But, this is only a small amount of the many ways to have fun with your family and really make this Thanksgiving special!

To give you some ideas that are fun and not centered around our cell phones, here are some Fun and Classic Board Games to Play with Your Family this Thanksgiving ! 🍁

1. Jenga

Jenga has been one of my favorite board games since elementary school. It is a family friendly game where you get to stack up small, wooden blocks to create a tower. Afterwards, each of the players take turns with taking one block from the tower and then placing it at the top. The player who causes the tower to fall ends the game.

Although, I will admit that this game can be super intense, it is also really fun, so much that it can be hard to put away!

Recommended Age: 6+
Required Players: 2 or more

2. Pictionary

Whether an artist or not, you will likely have a great time with your family while playing Pictionary. On this innovative journey, there will be two teams of 2 or more. On each team, each player will take turns drawing an image on a board based on a word that they read off of a card. The other player(s) have to try to guess what the secret word might be. Correct answers will allow the team to advance on a gameboard, and the team that reaches the finish square first wins.

Not only will this game encourage each person’s creativity, but it can cause a lot of laughter, especially if you are “bad at drawing.”

  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Required players: 4 or more

3. Uno

Uno is another classic that requires nothing but your loved ones and a stack of Uno cards. The deck includes 25 cards of each color (red, blue, yellow, and green), as well as cards to assist you while you play, such as wild cards and reverse cards. Once a player has one card left, they must shout “Uno!” and the player with no cards left first is the winner! It’s definitely a favorite in my family!

  • Recommended Age: 5-6+
  • Required Players: 2 or more

4. Twister

In Twister your body will be twisted…literally. One person will spin a spinner to figure out on which circle the players need to put each hand and foot. This game will surely bring your family closer together when you all eventually fall on the floor and laugh due to your funny twisted positions.

  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Required Players: 3 or more

5. Connect Four

Connect Four

Last, but not least, is Connect Four. The objective of this game is pretty much exactly as it sounds. There are two players, one with red chips, and the other with yellow. It is each player’s goal to get four chips in a row first, whether it is vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. Whoever has four of their chips in a row first is the winner! It’s definitely a great choice if you are looking for something short, sweet, and super addicting!

  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Required players: 2, but possibly more, if there are teams of more than one player.

Hopefully, you will have a great time playing one, two, or even a few of these awesome and classic board games with your family this Thanksgiving! However, even if these types of games aren’t your thing, there are so many ways that you can be creative to make this celebration one that will never be forgotten among you and the ones that you love!

Have a beautiful, blessed, and blooming day, everyone! 🍁

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