Gifts — Should We Keep Them a Surprise or Get Validation? + Poll

Gifts — Should We Keep Them a Surprise or Get Validation?

-ajoyfulchristianteen 💙

Who doesn’t love getting gifts for the holidays? Sure, it isn’t the main reason why days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and our birthdays are such a big deal, but it never hurts to get a present, large or small! But, one question that I think is overlooked about gifts is how we want to receive them.

Let me explain; some people might prefer their gifts to be a surprise, while others think that asking them what they want is better. A separate group might be in the middle, and think anything is fine. While all sides of the argument are solid, I want to discuss them today.

So, let’s get started!

Surprise Gifts: To be fair, I know a lot of people really like surprises. The ‘surprise factor’ can be what makes the gifts that we receive so special, especially when it’s exactly what we wanted. It could kind of ruin part of the fun when we already know what we are most likely getting for a special holiday (not that we shouldn’t be thankful for it.) And what if we don’t like the gift?

Asking them What they Want: Although this option might ruin the whole ‘surprise factor’, doing so will make it much more likely that we will be gifting a person with something that they truly love. This allows us to spend our money wisely, and it will make the person that we give the gift to happy, as well! It’s a win-win, as long as the giftee. (or the person who receives the gift,) isn’t a fan of surprises.

I truly think that whether my gift is a surprise or not, I will be thankful for the thought, in spite of. A gift is a blessing, and I know that no one has to give me a gift, unless they are doing it out of the kindness of their heart. Therefore, even if it isn’t what I would have picked, it’s the thought, or true intentions, that count.

I want to get you all’s opinions, as well. To get a good feel of which side is most popular among this community, new or not, I would really appreciate it if you would answer the following poll:

As well, please comment which answer you choose and why you choose it down below in the comments!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Also, remember, the best gift of all is another second, minute, hour, and day alive! Each moment of our lives is a representation of God’s grace towards us. We should never take that for granted! 💙

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