Why We Should Speak Life

Why We Should Speak Life

– ajoyfulchristianteen ✨

Believe it or not, unfortunate things can happen in our lives because of ourselves. That’s right, we can be a huge part of the cause. Why? Because we may be constantly saying things that are negative. We may say that traffic is going to be bad today, and when we get on the highway, it is . If we convince ourselves that we will fail on our test, it’s not a surprise if we end up getting a failing grade.

The words that we allow to come out of our mouths have a lot of meaning. Much more than we give them credit for.

Today, I want to talk about “speaking life,” or saying faith-filled, loving, positive words, that can improve our lifestyles on the whole. This is because it allows us to change our perspectives on things that the world may see as negative, and giving them a positive spin.

God’s light never dims. It is a bright, scintillating, divine light that never fades, but only becomes brighter. And that light is always visible somewhere in our lives because the Lord never leaves our side.

But it’s up to us to acknowledge His light. And I say acknowledge because, a lot of the time, we do see God’s light. We see the positivity and grace that He has placed into our lives. But sometimes, we may not acknowledge it. Instead, we might focus on the dark, and all the things that we wish were different or the things we wish weren’t there.


Try not to complain about anything, aloud or in our heads. Instead, let’s do our best to focus on God’s light. ✝️

Remember, all we have to do is focus on Him. As long as we obey the Lord’s commands, we will be blessed in many more ways than one.

Proverbs 18:21 NIV – The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

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