1, 2, 3, Tree – Funny TikTok with Goodmommy

Hey, y’all! Today, me and Goodmommy started to put up our Christmas tree, and we thought, why not take advantage of this and make a TikTok, but the questions were completely random! ✨

I asked my Goodmommy 3 Christmas-themed questions as she was trimming the tree. Although the accuracy wasn’t there all the way, it was still really fun. Making videos with those I love is always a blast. 💖

Here are the questions and Goodmommy’s guesses:

1. How many of Rudolph’s fellow reindeer’s names start with a ‘D’?

  • Goodmommy’s Guess: Dancer, and Rudolph, because it has a ‘D’ in it. 😂
  • Answer: 3 – Dasher, Dancer, and Donner

2. How many gifts were given, in total, in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’?

  • Goodmommy’s Guess: 144
  • Answer: 364 😮

3. Which United States state was the first to declare Christmas as an official holiday?

  • Goodmommy’s Guess: Washington
  • Answer: Oklahoma 😙

I hope you all enjoyed Goodmommy’s funny answers, lol! Have an amazing day!, y’all! ✨

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