The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List — 35 Fun Things to Do When it’s Too Cold Outside | Blogmas Day 2

The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List — 35 Things to Do When It’s Too Cold Outisde

-ajoyfulchristianteen 🍬

Winter is almost here, and chances are it’s getting a little chilly outside. Don’t get me wrong, some people really like cold weather, but others…let’s just say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If this is the case, you might be wondering what fun things you can do when it’s just too cold to go outside, but everything that you think of sounds too boring.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Go ahead and get some ideas with this Ultimate Christmas Bucket List ! 🍬

  • Have a family game night.
  • Binge watch your favorite classic Christmas movies.
  • Put up your Christmas tree.
  • Take selfies, pick your favorite one, and then try to paint it.
  • Write a book.
  • Do some yoga.
  • Read a book that you haven’t read before.
  • Make a cover of your favorite song.
  • Drink some hot chocolate.
  • Create your own dance.
  • Build a fort.
  • Make a paper snowflake.
  • Start shopping for Christmas and upcoming birthdays online.
  • Make a Christmas ornament or topper.
  • Play “eye spy” with objects outside of your bedroom window.
  • Indulge in your favorite Christmas dessert.
  • Make jewelry with rubber bands.
  • Write inspirational messages on sticky notes and put them up in your room.
  • Print out your favorite pictures on your phone and frame them.
  • Try to learn a new language.
  • Draw your own comic.
  • Decorate sugar cookies.
  • Write a letter to tell someone “Merry Christmas” or “I love you!”
  • Enjoy a pleasantly scented candle.
  • Complete an 1oo or 500 piece puzzle.
  • Have an indoor family Christmas fashion show.
  • Look in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful.”
  • Write a Christmas song.
  • Have a sing along with your friends.
  • Do an aloe vera face mask.
  • Take a virtual art class.
  • Sit quietly by the fireplace.
  • Go to a museum.
  • Knit your own blanket.
  • Put Christmas decorations around your home.

Hopefully, you now have some great ideas for how to spend your time as winter begins to say “Hello!” Whatever you choose to do while it’s too chilly to go outside, make sure that you are making the most of the amazing holiday of Christmas!

Have a beautiful day! 🍬

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