This or That #5 ✨

This or That #5


It’s been a little while since I posted another addition to This or That. To re-familiarize you all with this series, in it there are two items per question, whether they are food, characters, animals, clothing styles, or colors that are related in some way (item vs. item), and I have to choose the one that I prefer or like the most.

Let’s get started! ✨

1. Introvert 😐 or extrovert?

As of now, I would actually consider myself more of an ambivert, which is a person that has characteristics of both an introvert and extrovert. I do like meeting new people and trying new things, but I am also very cautious, and it takes me some time to open up to people. I will speak to you with a simple “Hello” when we first meet, then as I begin to get to know you more and (possibly) take a liking to you, I will get more comfortable around you. I’m much less shy then I was when I was younger, but I’m still smart and careful when it comes to boundaries.

2. Mashed potatoes 🍠 or baked potatoes 🥔?

Every since I was a little girl, I have never liked mashed potatoes, simply due to the texture. Baked potatoes are really good, as long as they are well seasoned. I usually like to put some seasonings (not including salt), along with some cheese on mine. Baked potatoes are probably one of my favorite dinners.

3. Guitar 🎸 or piano 🎹 ?

This question is slightly ironic, since I have already taken a Guitar course, and therefore I’m pretty good at playing the guitar already. Because of that, I will choose piano. The rich music and the way pianists move their hands to make the music has always been astonishing to me. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play myself.

4. Underdressed 👖 or overdressed 👗 ?

In my opinion, looking your best is always a priority. I think it’s better to be overdressed then underdressed, considering that “overdressed” can just describe someone who likes wearing fancy or non-casual clothing. If you are underdressed, chances are the outfit might not stand out as much or make a statement.

5. Science 🧪 or Art 🎨 ?

Both. The world wouldn’t be the same without science or art. Science is an explanation of how natural events occur in the world, and art is a vessel of self expression and creativity. I’ve always found an interest in both subjects. However, some spiritual things cannot be explained by science. Miracles are possible and happen every day, all around the world.

Answer Key:

  1. Introvert 😐 or extrovert? – ambivert (some traits of both) 😐✨
  2. Mashed potatoes 🍠 or baked potatoes 🥔? – baked potatoes 🥔
  3. Guitar 🎸 or piano 🎹 ? – piano 🎹
  4. Underdressed 👖 or overdressed 👗 ? – overdressed 👗
  5. Science 🧪 or Art 🎨 ? – (both) 🧪🎨

I hope you all enjoyed my answers to these new ‘This or That’ questions! Feel free to comment your responses to each down below!

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Have a beautiful day! ✨

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