5 Reasons why I thank God it’s Monday and YOU should, too

Mondays. See, a lot of people tend to be not-so-fond-of the second day of the week. I personally think it’s mostly because Mondays are the first day back to school or work after the weekend. Others seem to be cranky on Mondays for different reasons.

But, today is National Thank God It’s Monday Day. Yes. Yes there’s a day for that. But I was so glad when I saw that, because really, God deserves thanks every day. While I personally like Mondays, it’s important for all of us to see the good things that Mondays have to offer. Sure, you might not feel like getting out of the house, but at the end of the day, Mondays are more than just the first weekday.

Here’s just a list of a few of the many upsides of Monday:

  • It gives you a second chance; another day to do better.
  • Some people say that on Mondays, coffee tastes the best.
  • A lot of good shows come on TV on Monday night. Don’t be afraid binge!
  • Productivity has no limits; you have a whole week to reach some of your resolutions and goals (especially those for the current year)
  • If you have a job that you truly love, you’ll love going to “work” on Mondays.
  • It’s another day to Thank God for! Yayyy!!! ✨✨✨

Everyday is a blessing from God: everyday is a new opportunity to serve God, to do something new, to love yourself and to be productive. If all we’re going to do is sit down and complain, then we’re missing out on one of the greatest gifts of all: life.

Thank God it’s Monday! Thank God for everyday.

So, have a great Monday and week, y’all. Life is good!

National Thank God It’s Monday – article link (information about the national day and it’s cause)

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