My New Phone Case – Thanks, Goodmommy!

I’ve had my phone (which is an iPhone SE) for over 1 year now, and as soon as my Goodmommy gifted it to me, which I am grateful to God for, I also got a phone case to go with it. It has a base color of a light violet with a darker purple, royal blue, and slightly yellow watercolor-like design with silver sparkles on the surface.

Goodmommy was sweet enough to order us both a new phone case! Hers is black with a beautiful red rose in the center and earthy details. Mine has a background of a cheetah print topped with pink, green, and white flowers and gold chains. It’s an off-white color on the edges.

We buy all of our cases, including our new ones, off of Amazon. I really like how flexible they are, and they do their job with protecting your phone (just make sure you get a screen protector for the screen if you want an extra layer of protection.)

Here is a picture to show how it looks outside of the packaging and on my phone:

I hope you all enjoyed! What do you think about my new case? Comment down below.

Have a beatiful day!

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