God Makes Us ✨Unique✨

We are God’s creations, and not one of us is exactly the same. Even before we were born, God knew exactly what kind of heart we have, how we would look, and most importantly, our relationship with Him. He loved us before we were even thought of by any other person. And He still loves us, to this day.

Being unique is not always a bad thing. As followers of Christ, we should be an outlet of God’s light — a representation of His holy light, that can’t be dimmed or diminished even in all the darkness of the world.

We all have things that make us unique. It could be your love for God, compassionate heart, personality, the texture of your hair, the way you laugh, or maybe even something more specific, like your name. And I’m saying that last one from experience.

God makes us unique. He made YOU and ME differently. And for those of us who love Him, He allows us to use those same things that make us different for His glory. Thank you, Jesus!

So never be ashamed that God made you unique. We are precious in His eyes. We aren’t perfect, but we are made in His image, and that is a blessing within itself.

Have a beautiful day everyone! God bless! ✨

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