5 Reasons Why You Should Give and Get More Hugs

When’s the last time someone gave you a warm hug? In fact, when’s the last time you’ve given someone else a loving embrace? I don’t know if you’ve heard about this before, but it is recommended that we all get at least 12 hugs a day. That’s right: at least. And since it’s National Hugging Day, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about warm hugs.

So bring it in as I share 5 Reasons Why You Should Give and Get More Hugs. ✨

1. Hugs can make us happier.

When you get a hug from someone that you know cares about you, you can feel the love in their embrace. Hugging releases a chemical in your brain called oxytocin, which is associated with, you guessed it, happiness. But, I don’t blame our brains for getting happier with a hug: they feel so good!

2. They can help create stronger bonds.

Hugging is not just wrapping your arms around someone; hugging is when you communicate through an embrace. The wonderful thing about a hug is that it can say “I love you,” or “I’m thankful for you,” or “Everything is going to be alright,” without the need for words. It’s a simple action that can have a huge influence on how close we are to our hug buddies. So, if you want to make your close bonds even stronger, try hugs. You might be surprised at how much more solid your relationships, and communication skills, become.

3. They show that we care.

When you wrap your arms around someone else, you can occasionally feel how that one embrace made their day even brighter. Knowing that you were able to put a little extra sunshine in someone else’s life can automatically cause a sense of happiness and the accomplishment of showing kindness.

4. Hugging can help us feel secure and at peace.

As we are embraced and we embrace others, we are giving and getting comfort. There’s nothing like a warm cuddle to make you feel safe. Hugs are known to reduce anxiety and stress because of this. In fact, the word hug comes from the Norwegian word “hugga” which literally means to comfort or console. No wonder why hugs are so pleasant!

5. Hugs are good for the body and soul.

Hugs make our hearts go pitter-patter. I’m not joking. Well..maybe a little bit, lol. But really, though; hugs actually boost the heart, lower blood pressure, strengthen our immune systems, relieve pain, and the list goes on! The sense of happiness and security that our bodies and minds obtain from a hug become present in our spirits just the same. Once our souls are happy, our minds and bodies are likely happy, too.

There are so many great things about hugs: they’re healthy for our bodies, help form stronger bonds, make us happier and feel at peace, and they show those who we love that we care. Spread the love by giving hugs to your family and friends. Oh, and on top of that, hug yourself, too!

It can be easy to want to be loved. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we have to remember that if we want a little love, we need to give a little love, in return. Don’t forget; even if you hug yourself, try to get at least 12 every single day. You will reap the many positive consequences, if you do. So go ahead and hug it out.

Have a happy, healthy, and blessed day, everyone! Bye!✨

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