This or That #6 – Fashion Edition

Hey, y’all! Welcome to a new episode to one of my series — This or That. ✨

Just in case you are new, in this series I provide a list of this or that (item vs. item) questions about either random topics or the one of my choice. Today, we’ll be discussing all things fashion! Feel free to tell me your answers to each question, down below.

Let’s get started, fashionistas! ✨

1.) Silver 💎 or gold 💛?

Whether I wear silver or gold jewelry depends on what outfit I’m wearing. Both can be beautiful accents to tie an outfit together. But my go-to would be silver, since it goes with every color and you can wear it during any season. Gold doesn’t look cohesive with every color scheme, so the times that I can wear it are limited. Also, my nameplate (or my necklace in the shape of my name) is silver, so I tend to go for accessories that will match—most of which are also silver.

2.) Jumpsuit or romper?

Technically, a jumpsuit and a romper are the same thing, except a jumpsuit has pants and a romper, well, shorts. At this time–also called winter–I will say that I would prefer a jumpsuit. They are extremely cozy and a fantastic option if you want to wear a one-piece that doesn’t show too much. I prefer to wear rompers in the summer and spring.

3.) Sandals 👡 or sneakers 👟?

I must admit that I’m a sandal girl, primarily due to the comfort factor. I have about 10+ pairs of sandals (some bedazzled, some leather, some elastic) in my shoe collection, and I’m absolutely obsessed with them! They’re so comfortable and easy to put on, yet sandals are the perfect mix of casual and classy to go with any outfit. Well, except for those that go between your toes. Then…not so much, lol.

4.) Low or high boots 👢 ?

While both are cute, I will say high boots. Particularly knee-high boots. They’re chic and can make an outfit look sophisticated and elegant, or more playful and casual. While I love knee-highs, any type of cute boots are good, in my book.

5.) Backpack purse 🎒 or crossbody purse 👝?

To me, there’s no comparison here. I love a good crossbody. The diagonal line that they create when worn are like the bow on top of a Christmas gift. Crossbodies make looser clothes look more form fitting and are great if you have a more casual sense of style. Besides, they prevent me from misplacing anything. In short, they’re convenient.

I had a lot of fun adding a new addition to one of my favorite series. I’m curious about what your answers to each of these fashionista questions are. Maybe we had some alike. I would love if you comment down below your thoughts to one or all five of these this or that inquiries!

Here is a link to the rest of the series if you’d like to see more.

Thank you so much for reading! :)) Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! See you later! ✨

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