Reading the Word of God – Words of Wisdom #3

Having a healthy relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ, is important for so many reasons. It’s a blessing to be able to talk to Him, bond with Him, and spend time with Him. And a huge part of my relationship with God is continuing to learn who He is.

It’s actually very similar to forming a relationship with any other person: in order to have a positive relationship with someone, you have to know who they are. The same applies with the Lord.

He already knows who we are. In fact, He knows more about us than we know about ourselves. But a relationship goes two ways. And that means, we need to spend time meditating on the Holy Bible, and sending our thanks and prayers to God to learn who He is and how He wants us, followers of Christ, to live.

God not only shows us who He is by the miracles that He preforms in our everyday lives, but also in His Word. I made a goal for 2022, and the rest of my life, to spend more time with the Lord. Me and Goodmommy have been having frequent Bible studies ever since the 1st of January, and we are both learning a lot, even despite the fact that she already knew a lot of the Holy Bible.

Before this year, I did know some of the stories of the Bible, as well: Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, The Crossing of the Red Sea, etc. However, what I love is that when you take the time to read the Word of God, there’s always something new to learn. New wisdom to receive.

No matter how much I think I know, God is always teaching me something new. Something that I never knew before.

In short, I’m thankful for my time spent with the Lord. He truly is an amazing God.

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