Be Artful! | I painted a rock…and I love it!

So, for my Visual Art course we were assigned to do Earth Art. From the start I was super excited about it, since when using natural materials, there are so many possibilities! But at first, I was also a little confused about where I would start. Fortunately, Goodmommy (my grandma and guardian) was nice enough to show me a beautiful rock that her friend gave her. And then I realized it would be perfect for my art project.

This was the third time that I’d painted a rock throughout my entire life. According to Goodmommy, the first was in Pre-K. The second was at a week-long event at church (about 2 years ago.) And the third time is now. I find rock painting so relaxing and serene, despite the fact that it’s only an occasional activity of mine. I just love how you can use the form of a rock as a canvas to make a true masterpiece. And the best thing about it is your taking something that’s already beautiful from the Earth, and using it to create something that makes a statement.

At first, it was a little difficult to paint my design. Although I had already sketched it out in my sketchbook, this was my first time making a project with my new acrylic paints. All I had previously before this activity was watercolor and washable paint, both of which do not mix with rocks. Seriously, don’t try that at home! P.S. I would know, because I already did. LOL :))

Goodmommy was super sweet to get my new paints for me. I know that they’ll probably be one of my go-tos, in the future. They’re so vibrant, and I couldn’t help but squeal inside (out of excitement) when I was surprised with them.

You should be able to get this set or something similar at your local craft store. I really love the variety of bright and soft colors. The coverage is fantastic and it’s fairly fast drying. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to make their work high quality.

Overall, I think the finished product is beautiful. I also used some Posca Pens (or vibrant paint pens) to add the finishing details. After everything dried, I added a couple coats of Mod Podge (a type of sealer) to create a glossy sheen. I’m very proud of it and I’m looking forward to showing you all my future artwork!

Oh! And I almost forgot that me and Goodmommy figured out a name for my work of art; The Garden of Eden. We’re Christians, and we both agreed that my design suits the name perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

If you’d like for me to do more rock painting in the future, please like this post and follow my blog for notifications of fantastic daily content to brighten your day.

Have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day everyone! ✨

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