This is how I spent half of my weekend…a jigsaw puzzle!!!

Note: Happy Saturday, y’all! I decided to do a Reblog since it’s National Puzzle Day! I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles, including this one that I completed about two weeks ago in under 24 hours. Enjoy! 

I think that jigsaw puzzles are so relaxing. When you’ve placed every delicate piece in the right place, it’s so satisfying to see them all as one, a single image is put on display. It’s almost like a type of meditation, all while being a great way to spend your time when you’ve got nothing else to do. 

One of my Christmas gifts for last year, from my great-grandmother, was a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. At the time it had been a long while since I completed one (at least 2 years), but it was a great experience, and I love the painting that I saw as the final product.

Both me and my Goodmommy were honestly surprised at how big the whole thing was, especially due to the small size of the box and poster. However, none of us complained. The colors are so vibrant in real life, and it almost looks like a true landscape.

I even zoomed in to get a look at some of the beautiful details. I must admit that now, I want to get some more puzzles like this. Though I want the next one to be 350-500 pieces, instead. Keep in mind that these pictures are from the poster, not the actual puzzle. :))

I had started the puzzle at approximately 6:12 p.m. yesterday, Saturday, January 16th. I finished at 6:05 p.m. today, Sunday, January 17th. So basically I finished it in just under 24 hours (with long breaks in between.) Without the breaks, including sleeping, I think it didn’t take much longer to complete than 4 hours. Not too bad, right?

If you know some methods for how to frame a puzzle, and/or you like puzzles yourself, please comment down below some tips.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful, blessed day! 🧩

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