7 Simple and Chic Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

I really enjoyed writing yesterday’s post for some reason, and Valentine’s Day is getting closer by the second. I figured, why not keep the theme going?

Now, since I’ve already given you guys some ideas for how you can make your Valentine’s Day fun for the whole family, let’s now direct our attention to decorations. Valentines Day decor is romantic, sweet and playful. But the rich colors give off just the right amount of sophistication.

Here are 7 simple and chic ideas for how you can make your home flood with hearts–literally.

Also, BEWARE. Gorgeousness is coming up! :))

Festive Heart Throw Pillows

Real talk: throw cushions are perfect for any season, but heart-shaped pillows for Valentine’s Day are so elegant. Not to mention that they’re cheap and may go in any room that you please. No matter what type of chair you have, cushions can make any seating area more spectacular.

Flowers, Lots of Flowers

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day symbol that aren’t just good gifts, but also good decorations. In my home, we love to keep fresh flowers on our island, which we use as a dinner table. Their dainty and delicate appearance are sure to stand out in a vase, around your fireplace, or even on your front door. The possibilities are endless!

LED Neon Light Wall Decor

I am in LOVE with this. If you really want decorations that make a statement, especially in a creative space like a home office or your room, I highly recommend an LED light. They look fantabulous in red, their lifespans are long, and they’re great for ambiance.

DIY Heart Tree

To be honest, this might be even better than flowers! Anyone who is looking for a DIY activity is sure to love this one. All you need are some thin sticks or branches, which you are likely to find in your backyard. Then, cut out paper hearts, and glue them to the ends of the sticks. I really appreciate how this looks home made, but in a cute way.

And just in case Do-It-Yourself is not really your thing, you could always use a Christmas tree or mini-tree and add heart ornaments to it. We did so in our living room and it’s gorgeous! I’d definitely recommend.

Cinematic Light Box with A Sweet Saying

In case you aren’t familiar, Cinematic Light Boxes are little boxes with LED lights. What makes them unique is that they come with a set of letters that you can insert inside one of the 3 sections to create a message, which I believe is a great way to fill your home with loving words to set the mood. If you add some type of hanging decoration around it with a few rose petals, it’s sure to scream Happy Valentine’s Day.

Mini Heart-Shaped Candles

Candles are in style all year round. The rich aromas can fill any room with a sweet scent. But they are also extremely romantic, sophisticated, and lively: perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner date.

Candy Display

One of the best parts of this holiday of love is the candy. A candy display full of Sweethearts, M&Ms, or maybe some baked goods that you made yourself are perfect for any family get together. And if there are lots of kiddos in your family, make sure you stock up. Otherwise, the candy will be cleared out in a snap!

All of these cute ideas are sure to make any home more Valentine’s Day ready. There’s nothing like decorating for the holidays, and February 14th is no exception! What did you think about these decor ideas? Do you and your family decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! ❤️

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