My early Valentines gift!!! | The Gift of Giving ❤️

Hey y’all! I hope you are having a beautiful Friday and week! Me and Goodmommy went out today for some errands, and we saw a lot of Valentines Day gifts in the front of our local grocery store. This year, many people are getting gifts for their loved ones early, which isn’t too surprising due to the latest grocery shortages.

While I was in my live class today, Goodmommy came over to my desk with this beautiful chocolate bouquet. She immediately told me that it was from her guy friend: he bought it for me as an early Valentines Day gift. I immediately let out a small “Aww.” Even though I was in my class, I couldn’t help but be touched that Goodmommy’s friend guy thought about me and got me something (after getting Goodmommy a beautiful red rose bouquet, which is absolutely gorgeous.)

I really appreciate that he bought one that comes with a cute glass and a balloon. They can both serve as souvenirs to help me remember the sweet gesture. The next time I see Goodmommy’s friend guy, I will be sure to tell him “Thank you!”

I absolutely love my gift, so much that I don’t want to open it and mess it up, LOL. I took a bunch of photographs with it, and I made a couple of collages, too (such as the one you see above.)

At this point, I think I’m going to wait until Valentines Day to open it. This way, I will be able to savor the gift and take pictures of it with my other gift—Goodmommy already told me that she got one for me. She truly is the best Goodmommy ever!

I thank God for all the gifts I’m my life, and this one is no exception. Giving and receiving presents is a blessing that we can use to spread the love of God. I love how when you give, you can put a smile on someone’s face. Just as this gift did, for me.

We should all remember that it doesn’t take a lot to give. Gifts don’t have to be big to have meaning or be special. The best part of a gift is that, if they come from the right place they are meaningful, no matter the size.

After all, God loves a cheerful giver!

Have a beautiful, blessed, and happy day everyone! God is good!✨

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