The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen has an Official Instagram account!

I was recently contemplating some new ideas for how I could promote my blog I knew that I wanted to do something virtually since my blog is online. I looked up articles sharing some ideas, and I finally decided to start with social media.

A little while ago, I had made an Instagram account (mostly to support Goodmommy, my grandmother and guardian, and her business account.) Suddenly I realized that it would be a perfect way to promote my blog.

On my Instagram account @princessqzion, I provide a short snippet of a majority of my posts, as well as some occasional pictures from my daily life. Not only is this account to help new people find out about my blog, but also for you guys, my current followers.

If you forgot to read my blog post from the previous day or you’d simply like to see what I’m up to, my Instagram account provides quick and quirky reads explaining what my most recent blog posts were all about. The account even provides a link straight to my blog in my bio and story.

Here is the gallery of my account. Each picture is a link to a post. Enjoy! :>

Following me on my Instagram–and on my blog, if you haven’t already–would mean so much to me. Blogging has now become one of my favorite hobbies, and to be able to spread God’s Word and God’s love with my love to write and inspire is such a blessing!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Y’all have a fantabulous week! Peace in! ✨

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