We set up our new aquarium ~ all we need is a fish!

What’s up, beautiful people? So, I stated a bit earlier on my blog how we had made a deposit on a dwarf bunny. We named her Royal and were originally going to bring her home on January 30th. While this was the case, the truth is that even after the deposit, we (me and Goodmommy) did some additional research on Netherland dwarf bunnies, and bunnies in general, and we realized that it would be the best option for us not to get one, at this point of our lives.

I know, I know. It was a little disappointing to me, at first, as well. But let’s focus on the positive side–we still wanted to have a pet as a new addition to our family. After some considerations for a companion, we decided to buy another fish–particularly a betta fish. We’ve had two in the past (Easter and Joyus) and since we are extremely knowledgeable in this particulary species, it only makes sense to get another one.

Plus, if you’ve never seen a betta, you must know that I believe that they are one of the most beautiful pet fish that you could get. Not to mention that they are also super interactive and you can teach them tricks. Yes. Yes you did read that right. Lol.

And since tomorrow is 2/22/22, we figured that it would be the perfect day to introduce the new addition to our family. Since the habitat of your fish has to sit for 24-48 hours before actually diving into its new home, we went ahead and set up our fish’s aquarium today. And I wanted to share it with you guys!

First off is this 3 gallon fish aquarium. For our previous fish, we had a smaller tank. We love to give our pets the best lives as possible, and we want them to feel welcome when we introduce them to their homes. I think that this tank was a really good choice.

Here is a few (fake but beautiful) aquarium plants. I really love how much color they can provide, as they really light up the whole habitat and create more visual interest. Bettas really love leafy places to hide in and swim through.

Here is just some black gravel and some pretty decorative marbles to serve as decor and a surface for the plants and other accessories. We didn’t need to use all of it, but the part that we did add looked fabulous in the finished product.

This is probably one of my favorite items out of all the decorations that we got. It is this adorable castle with holes here and there for our fish to swim through. I really love the colors, as they add an extra brightness to the aquarium. Houses like this also give your fish a place to hide and sleep.

This special aquarium starter-kit that we bought was very well-priced. It comes with a tank, a filter, and an LED light that can change colors. I know that this will make for a great environment for the new addition to our family. I thank God for how well it came together.

Here are some pictures to show you guys how it looks in each color. P.S. you can also set it on a mode where it switches between colors.

Question of the Day: Which LED light color do you like the most–Purple, Green, Royal blue, Red, or Aqua? Please comment down below.

Overall, I am super happy with how our new aquarium has come out, and I am looking forward to introducing our new pet to his or her new home. Make sure to join me tomorrow if you’d like to see how our betta looks, his or her name (since we already have one in mind) and how they will react to their brand new home.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, y’all! I’ll see you later!

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