Meet our new betta fish | We love him already!

Hey, peeps! I’m pretty sure that you all have been waiting to be introduced to our new betta–well, you must wait no more, because we got him today, and we already love him so much. ❤ At the fish store, there were a lot of options (like most fish stores, they kept the bettas in small containers, one per fish.) We were contemplating which one to get, and this one in particular caught my eye. He is a beautiful blue, pink, and white betta with these large white fins that look so elegant when he swims–as much as a small, plastic container would allow him to swim, anyway, LOL.

So, within ten minutes, we had him in a plastic bag. I held him as still as possible for the whole ride back home. When we were finally inside, we had him float in the bag for a little bit to help him adjust to the temperature. I could tell he was ready to get in and swim around.

As soon as we released him, he was very quick to look around. He explored every nook and cranny of the tank and even went through the castle tunnels a couple of times.

For a majority of the day, he has been pretty sleepy, only swimming every couple minutes. We are going to get him a heater tomorrow to make sure the water is warm enough for his liking, but we got a little bit of advice from a betta Facebook group, and we know that he is currently adjusting to this new environment. I mean, a cup to a 3 gallon tank definitely takes some getting used to.

Since it’s his first day, we offered him some pellets and he didn’t eat much. We are going to let him rest and adjust, for now. We love him a lot and are happy to have him home! Peace–yes, that is his name–is a great addition to our family! ❤

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! See you later! ✨

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