A blank canvas is a new beginning + Important Reminders ♡

Hey, y’all! I hope you are having a wonderful day/night!

Before I start, I wanted to remind you all of my 75 follower special–answering your assumptions about me. So far, I still need more responses in order to do the follow-up post. Since we’ve already reached 74 followers (thank you so much ✨) I need you guys to comment 3-5 random assumptions about me–or guesses about me just based on how I look and/or by my personality–on my first announcement of the special. Please click HERE to comment your assumptions.

Thanks for reading that short reminder. Without further ado, let’s get into the good–or even better–stuff!

Me and Goodmommy had to pick up an online order from a craft store, and we always love to look around. While walking around the store, I saw a lot of really awesome new mediums. Being an art lover, it’s so exciting to see new possibilities for a new project displayed on the shelves.

After a little while of scanning, I was able to find this isle with some canvases. Some of them already had a black design, giving you the opportunity to paint in between the lines. The others were the canvases that I purchased; these gorgeous canvas blank panels.

I was honestly really shocked at how cheap these were. Just by feeling them through the packaging, you can tell that they are of very good quality. I got 5 in a pack for only $5 and some change. It was honestly a steal, and I’m thankful that I was able to catch them while they’re still in stock LOL. Me and Goodmommy agreed that it’s likely a good idea to get some more the next time we visit our favorite arts and crafts shop.

And what I really love about these canvases in particular is that on the back, they have easel stands that allow you to view your canvas upright rather than on a flat surface. It even has room for you to fill in your artist statement, which is great if I ever want to sell my paintings or simply display them in my room.

For the most part, the art that I do is in my sketchbook or paper, so I think these will be very useful for practicing different techniques on a more professional scale and material.

I know that for some, blank canvases may not be all that exciting. However, it’s the things that are blank that are a new beginning and a fresh start to something beautiful. To add your own personality and style on a project that has yet to be started.

And that’s the beautiful thing about art–it always starts with motivation, an idea, and a blank canvas.

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