Happy National Pet Day + more pictures of Peace πŸ’–

The only pets that I’ve ever had in my life are betta fish. The first one was Easter, a female who was pink and orange with a quirky personality. Then Joyus came along–he was extremely spunky, stubborn, but loveable. He was a mix of shades of blue. And then came Peace, who I’ve had for about a month and a half now. P.S. the photo above is the first day that we brought him home.

April 11th is National Pet Day, and despite the fact that I didn’t figure that out until today, I still wanted to post something to celebrate. Besides, pets should be celebrated every day. They’re important members of our families and live in our hearts while (and even after) we get to love and enjoy them each day of their lives.

Although fish are some of the smallest pets that you can buy, and you can’t physically cuddle them like you could a cat or a dog, they are still amazing companions. Peace brings so much joy to our family with his bubbly spirit and love for food LOL. He isn’t afraid to check out new things because of his curious personality. We thank God for him every day.

While I sit at my desk to do my schoolwork or simply watch TV on the couch, it always puts a grin on my face to see Peace zipping along his tank as if there’s no tomorrow. Even when he’s asleep, his colors remain vibrant and reflecting of his personality.

Each day is an opportunity to learn something new about him. For example, Peace is a really fast learner–we feed him on top of this large leaf hammock that attaches to the side of the tank close to the surface of the water. And we were able to train him in no time!

Although we as pet owners cherish our pets all the time, days like this (and National Pet Week, which is in the first week of May) are here to appreciate them and the light that they bring to our families just a little more. So don’t forget to give your pet some extra love, sometimes~trust me, they’ll appreciate it!

So, do you have any pets? If so, which of their personality traits do you like the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! Bye for now! πŸ’–

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