Just some summer photography … – Go Out With Me #6 ♡

Hey, everybody! This is Q’Zion and welcome back to my blog! ♡

Today me and Goodmommy had our monthly girl’s day out, and on our short journey I took a lot of photos to sharpen my skills. Because I was so satisfied with how they all came out, I decided that I would dedicate this post to some of my most recent summer photography.

Each of the photographs in this post were taken by me and therefore belong to me. They cannot be redistributed or republished on any source except my blog. Thanks!

Without further ado, let’s get started. ♡

My lovely grandmother was gracious enough to take this photo of me–since I had already taken one of her, and I wanted you guys to see my outfit, too lol. I also got my monthly milkshake from Steak n’ Shake. The only difference is that it was strawberry this time. As always, it was the perfect way to cool off from the heat of summer.

Me and Goodmommy were both fairly tired this morning, just because we woke up so early. Though either way, Goodmommy looks absolutely fabulous, as always. I really think everything about this shot was perfect; thank God that I was able to snap at just the right moment.

When we were walking outside a building to complete one of our errands, I was met with this gorgeous wall art, which is actually pretty popular in the city that we visited today. I’d seen this particular art several times before, but today I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity and show it to you all. I don’t know who painted this masterpiece, but whoever they are, they have a great eye for design.

We eventually went to Michael’s to get some extra supplies for our T-shirt business–which you can check out on Etsy HERE–and some more rubber bands to support my Rainbow Loom hobby. While we were looking around, I happened to stumble upon this colorful exploration-themed isle. The bright colors gave me such a summer-like vibe, so I knew it would be the perfect photo to add to my personal collection.

Aside from the usually angle at which I photograph my milkshakes, Goodmommy recommended that I take a shot of the inside, considering that the staff made it perfectly, today. It ended up looking really aesthetic, so I’m really happy with how this one came out.

I had a lot of fun this afternoon spending quality time with my Goodmommy while taking these gorgeous photos, and I’m even happier that I get to show you all my work. Summer is one of my favorite times to practice my photography skills, due to the perfect natural light and blossomed nature.

Each of these photos are a part of my 2022 summer story, and each memory that I make with the ones I love is a blessing from my Heavenly Father. For that, I am forever grateful.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! See you later! ♡

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