It’s National French Fry Day!

Imagine potatoes sliced into skinny strips, thrown into a grill–giving their edges a crispy crunch–sprinkled with a pinch of salt and dipped in some homemade barbecue sauce. A fast food legend, this savory food is commonly known as french fries. And July 13th, also known as National French Fry Day, is the perfect day to celebrate this showstopper loved in countries all around the world.

As a girl who has grown up–and still is growing up–enjoying french fries, I have to admit that they are one of my absolute favorite foods to buy when I go to a fast food restaurant. Without them, the meal just feels incomplete, you know?

My personal favorite place to get french fries are from Chick-fil-a; not only do I really love waffle fries, but they have the perfect amount of crispiness and saltiness that is unbeat compared to every other fast food french fries that I’ve tasted.

Either way, any time I can get a delicious serving of french fries, I’m a happy camper.

LET’S CHAT~Where is your favorite place to get french fries? Also, what is your favorite dipping to pair with them?

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! See you next time! ♡

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