So . . . Many . . . Chips! ♡

Okay, so I have a secret to share with you all: me and Goodmommy have a knack for snacks. Well, not to the point where every time you look at us we have something in our mouths. In fact, we don’t eat a lot, in general. But we definitely like to stay stocked up so that way when we have a taste for something, it’s within arm’s reach.

That being said, today I was shocked to see that after a quick trip to the grocery store, Goodmommy came home with 5 bags of chips for us to taste for the first time.

Was this a surprise–yes. Am I complaining–not in the slightest!

What I really appreciate about Goodmommy is that she always looks for healthy–and delicious–alternatives for us to snack on. Today, she brought home some original ruffle chips that we have had before, sea salt ruffle potato chips and white cheddar Cheetos made out of organic products. We did a little taste test on both of them, and they ended up being pretty delicious! In fact, we ended up liking them so much that she plans on getting some more for us, tomorrow.

I think that this is a reminder that while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few chips or another one of your favorite snacks, we should also keep in mind that eating healthier can taste good if we take the time to look for alternatives that are both tasty and good for our bodies.

After all, who doesn’t love a nice bag of chips?

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! See you next time! ♡

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