We finally completed our salad challenge! ♡

Hey, everyone! This is Q’Zion, and welcome or welcome back to my blog! How is everyone doing? Amazing, I hope! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but today is the finale of our 30-day salad challenge. One month ago, I was almost dreading eating a salad every single day. But now, a day in my life would seem incomplete if I didn’t have one.

One of the best takeaways from participating in this challenge was that not only are we going to continue eating salads, everyday, but it has also inspired me and Goodmommy–my grandmother and guardian–to continue incorporating healthy snacks into our diet. Some examples are some chips made of organic products, yogurt-covered pretsels–which are delicious, by the way–fruits like peaches, bananas and grapes, and dark chocolate covered raisins.

Me and my Goodmommy have even been thinking about some new ideas for another nutrition challenge for us to do in the near future. But for now, we’ll continue eating a salad a day and continue looking for different ways to add more nutritious–and delicious–foods to our diet.

What are some of your favorite fruits and vegetables? Also, do you like salad? You’re welcome to share your responses to these icebreakers in the comments.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! God bless you all, and I’ll catch you later! Peace in!

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