It’s Been a Busy Week + life updates

Hey, hey, everyone! WOW, I had a lot of work to do this week due to Labor Day. But I’ve got to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my day off! Besides, I have some exciting things planned for a ✨ special occasion ✨ this weekend, so it was all worth it! But we’ll dive a little deeper into what that ocassion is in just a second.

Right now, all I have to say is #TGIF. Or in other words, thank God it’s Friday!

Today, I’ll be talking about a couple of the things that I did this week, as well as sharing a very exciting announcement about some upcoming fun-filled adventures. Let’s get started!

So, my school has this yearly event called a “Club Rush,” which is essentially a Zoom presentation of all the clubs that my school offers, and each of the club sponsors gets to share a little bit about their club. For the past couple of years, I had already set my mind on which clubs I wanted to join before the Club Rush occurred. But this time, I stayed for the entire meeting. And ironically, 2 of the clubs that I joined were different from my original plans.

At first, I was anticipating on joining Creative Writing Club (for my 3rd year), Book Club (for my 2nd year), and Art Club (for the 1st time ever.) But once I took a look at my schedule and saw a lot of the other awesome clubs that my school offered, I ended up applying for Creative Writing Club, Glee Club (or Chorus), and Teen Driving Club! And guess what, y’all! I was accepted for all three!

My first club meeting of the year was Glee Club, this Wednesday. And I’ve got to say that it might just become one of my favorite clubs of all time! But I’m not exactly surprised: I am a music lover, after all.

Let’s not forget about how I said that I will be doing some fun things, this weekend. Now, you might be thinking that we just decided to plan some special outings just for the fun of it, right? But for me, this weekend is actually the celebration of a major holiday on my calendar . . . my BIRTHDAY!!! And we plan on celebrating for the entire weekend!

Goodmommy even ordered some early birthday gifts for me, and they arrived just a few hours ago. At first, I was going to show them to you guys today. . . but then I thought, why not let you wait until my birthday post–which will be coming very soon–to show you all the good stuff! What? It’s fun to keep you all on your toes!

But until then, Happy (Early) Birthday to me!

I had a really good time writing this casual post about the things that I did this week, and I hope you all had a blast reading it, as well. Have a beautiful and blessed day, God bless you all, and I will catch you next time! Peace in! ~ Q’Zion ♡

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