A package from my favorite YouTuber… ♡

Author’s Note~ None of the art contained in these photos was created by me. Also, I pre-ordered this package back in March, and it arrived about 3 days ago. Although it did come much later than expected, and that’s something that potential buyers might want to consider before purchasing merch, I am really happy with what I received. I hope you all enjoy my mini-review! ~ Q’Zion ♡

Happy Friday, everyone! My name is Q’Zion, and welcome to The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen! I don’t know if any of you know this, but I am a HUGE fan of YouTube. Alongside Roblox, it’s probably one of my most-used apps considering how much I listen to music, watch gaming videos, and binge the content of on my favorite channels almost every day.

But it’s very rare that I mention YouTube on my blog, let alone the identity of my favorite YouTuber of all: Moriah Elizabeth. With over 7 million subscribers, she posts a lot of art content where she paints on things, does squishy makeovers, reviews a large spectrum of art kits, and just about any other artsy thing you could imagine. For about 3 years, I’ve loved how funny, creative, and wholesome her videos are. And for the first time, I finally ordered one of her merch items–her very first Rainbow Academy Character Yearbook!

In short, the Character Yearbook is a compilation of many of the most iconic characters that Moriah has created over the years in a yearbook format, and Rainbow Academy is the made-up name for their school. Isn’t that so adorable?

After a quick introductory of the school’s Administrative Team (principals, teachers, nurses, etc.) there was a section for each class–including both a class photo and a portrait and each student–one by one. Like mostly all of Moriah’s illustrations, the colors were so vibrant, it was almost like you were in the classrooms with the characters.

I’ve got to admit that seeing some of these characters come to life in the gorgeous illustrations was so good to see; I remember watching the videos in which many of these characters were first created, so to get to see them all together and interacting with each other made this purchase so worth it!

Each “student” had their own portrait, as well as a list of all the extra curriculars that they’re in. I love how couples/best friends were positioned next to each other: I think that was a really cute touch!

I think that mostly all of us can agree that school just wouldn’t be the same without the extracurriculars. And speaking of them, there was a section for that, too! They had different categories for sports, clubs, and the arts, and it was super fun to see each character all dressed up in something besides their usual attire.

When Moriah does her “squishy makeovers,” she can only paint the characters one way: one outfit, one expression, and one look. But when you are able to draw them in multiple settings, it adds a lot more variety to their design and helps you get to know who they are even more. Despite the simple and clean drawing style, the characters’ expressions really help reveal their individual personalities.

And last but not least are the superlatives–or those awards that one or two students win at the end of every year, e.g. best dressed, most likely to succeed, smartest, etc. This has got to be one of my favorite sections in the yearbook, just because it brings together two characters who may be really different together, like unlikely friendships. Plus, the short quotes underneath each award added just the right touch.

Oh, and what I didn’t include in photos here was a small Spirit Week section–which was where each day of the week had a different theme and a photo for each one–and an autograph section where each of the left over characters that didn’t sign their name throughout the book put their signatures. Although I didn’t show them here, you can take my word for it that they were super adorable sections!

And voila! That was Moriah Elizabeth’s 2021-2022 Character Yearbook. Honestly, if I said everything that I loved about it, I would probably end up writing an entire short story lol. Even though the package did end up arriving really late, I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome. Also, if you want to check out Moriah Elizabeth’s YouTube channel, here’s a link! Hopefully they’ll make you smile just as much as they do me!

Who are your favorite–family-friendly–YouTubers? Have you ever bought any of their merch? And if so, how did you like it? I would love to read your responses down below in the comments!

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! God bless you all, have an awesome weekend, and I’ll catch you next time! Peace in! ♡

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